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Overlake Preparatory Academy’s mission to instill in its students a passion for learning, a generosity of spirit and a standard of excellence is pursued daily through Minuteman Athletics. Being part of an athletic team at OPA is a rich learning experience — a fundamental part of education that challenges students to continuously improve, to strengthen resolve and resilience, and to cultivate a love of competition.

Athletics also teach our students to rise to competition while remaining graceful in defeat, to cultivate drive but also maintain perspective. And because our school community celebrates achievement in every area—in the classroom, but also on the court, in the pool, and on the turf—sports help our students widen their horizons, cultivate balance, and respect a broader array of talents, interests, and strengths.

Athletic excellence at Overlake Preparatory Academy is defined as offering an outstanding experience for every student-athlete, at every level, through a program of serious and competitive teams which are highly-organized, grounded in solid fundamentals, character-oriented and emotionally rewarding.


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