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Overlake Preparatory Academy was established on the firm belief that school should fuel, not stifle, a child's curiosity. We also believe that a learning environment befitting their level incites children to perform and develop at their true potential. Therefore, at Overlake, students are placed based on ability rather than by age, and experiential learning is at the core of our approach. Our program provides:

  • Early exposure to all subjects (e.g. world history, foreign language, STEM) starting in our youngest grades;

  • Talent Based Program, unique learning network designed specifically for gifted and twice exceptional (2e) middle and high school students, including the students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, and learning challenges.

  • Completely personalized program can include one-to-one classroom: one student and one teacher per classroom. This allows teachers to personalize course content for each student’s strengths, interests, and learning style.

  • Our Cloud Campus welcomes online students from around the world into live, discussion-based classes and our community, either full-time or part-time.

  • Beyond our full-time academy, we offer part-time programs for middle and high school students to supplement their education. Academy is fully accredited and offers core and elective classes for middle and high school credit.

  • Frequent cross-curricular connections and interdisciplinary activities/assignments;

  • Extensive extracurricular and enrichment programming;

  • Unique learning opportunities such as team-based competitions, interaction with field experts, and monthly field trips.

Through an accelerated, rigorous program that emphasizes creativity and collaboration, we cultivate our students’ ability to think critically and dream big.

Overlake Preparatory Academy is a non-profit, independent, private school certified by the State of New Jersey and accredited by NAIS.

Principal's Message

Our mission is to foster children into thoughtful, inquisitive individuals with bold aspirations by giving them opportunities to grow not just academically, but in character. We strive to educate the whole child by incorporating opportunities for practice in perseverance, responsibility, and integrity, as well as supported academic risk-taking, throughout our curricular structure. Our students will take natural interest and leadership in their school, local, and global communities, as well as engage with diverse perspectives and ideas.

As an innovative educational institution, we seek to redefine meaningful education in an era of rapid globalization and technological development by incorporating applicable skills needed in our 21st-century world. Relevant problem-solving and creative, critical thinking are present in our academic approach, as well as in connection to issues in our local and global communities.  Overlake Academy students will engage with content based on their passions and interests, as well as exposed to subjects to inspire new passions and interests.

We pledge to actively identify and create the educational opportunities greatly needed, such as STEM/STEAM programs for young girls and financial scholarships for students who may have unequal access to resources.

Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun

Overlake Academy is guided by a talented and experienced group of educators. The Administrative leadership team is charged with implementing OPA’s mission through intentional and fiscally prudent management of day-to-day operations. Academic Department Chairs, who are also members of the faculty, work closely with administrative leaders to develop and execute OPA’s curriculum which provides students with both content mastery and essential skills acquisition. Working collaboratively, both leadership groups rely on the expertise of Overlake Academy’s masterful faculty who form deep intellectual and supportive connections with our students. Members of the OPA faculty members are lifelong learners, modeling a depth of intellectual curiosity for their students. Averaging 12 years of teaching experience, OPA faculty members possess mastery of their subject matter, belief in student dialogue as a tool for intellectual discovery and commitment to helping each student explore his or her potential.


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