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Parents are welcomed into our community just as eagerly as our students. We also welcome their involvement. We’re committed to keeping our families informed and abreast of the school’s culture, policies, procedures, and practices to enhance everyone’s experience. We also provide information about school events and opportunities that not only further a student’s academic success, but also benefit the entire family.

PTA Updates

As the official parent organization of Overlake, this group has one objective in mind: To increase involvement and create a sense of belonging for all members of the Overlake community. The PTA is a financially self-sustaining organization, and all parents of current students are considered members.

Although its primary audience is current parents and families, The PTA also works to build community with the administration, faculty, and staff by hosting a range of social events and informational sessions on the campus.

What is the best way to get involved? Volunteer—your contributions count! It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and feel connected to our community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in Volunteering for the PTA?

Please join us in supporting our children and Overlake Academy!  If you have a lot of time or just a little time - we can always use your help. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents. Not sure about the time commitment? Do you have a special talent or skill (i.e. graphic design or communications experience, technology expertise, a connection to construction, the arts, athletics)?
If you have any questions, or want more details about a particular opportunity, please email


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