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Fine/Visual Arts instruction focuses not only on the physical making of art but also the palpable impact and experience of art and artists on our world. Students learn about the diverse periods in art history and art from across the globe, where they are exposed to both Western and non-Western art. The works from the prehistoric days of early civilization to the bustling modern world of the 21st century are all explored in order to offer critical insight into the humanities. Applications of a variety of unique materials and hands-on techniques inspired by cultural movements are covered throughout the curriculum. Moreover, there is a considerable connection between art and history instruction throughout all levels, providing students with valuable historical context that reflects the reality of the revolutionary artists’ inspirations.

Music instruction concerns performance, as well as theory and composition. All students are required to learn a string instrument (violin or cello), which accounts for half of the music instruction. Students also engage in ensemble music, where their personal skills and talents are incorporated, and are given multiple opportunities for individual and group performance throughout the year. We also offer opportunities in musical theater.

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